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Who Is Calling Me From This Number – How To Find In 2024

Are you looking at your screen and wondering who is calling me from this number?

Whenever your phone rings, you first see the caller’s name, and then you pick it up. But when it is any wrong number pops up on your screens, you panic! You start worrying about who is calling me. It becomes very difficult for you to decide between whether to answer such a call or just ignore it.

You are not sure whether the calling person is any of your old friends or any relative or it is just a spammer or any fraudster. Whenever you receive a such call with an un-identifiable number popping up on your screen, it may be:

It Might Be

1. An Old-Acquaintance:

Probably, it will be any of your old fellows who got your phone number and now trying to contact you for any reunion. Or any of your relatives who have changed his/her phone number and trying to call you from his/her new number.

It is also possible that the unknown number is someone you are already familiar with but you have not spoken to in some time.

2. A Prank Call:

Often, these unknown callers are pranksters who use your emotions and reactions for their entertainment just to waste your time. They just manipulate your emotional energy and trigger your reaction by playing tricks on you. Such pranksters tend to keep you on the phone long enough and sometimes, use your insecurities against you.

3. A Marketing Promotion Call:

The telemarketing industry has evolved now significantly and uses different marketing tactics to sell its products or services. They always try to expand their businesses by stealing the actual phone numbers of the users from the databases.

They often call on that number repeatedly or just leave a text message frustrating and offending the users. It has become very difficult to get ahead of them as they know the skills to trap people and make them pick up the calls and listen to them.

4. A Harasser/Stalker:

Sometimes you receive calls from a specific phone number repeatedly. There may be a high chance that there may be a stalker who knows any sensitive information about you and will use such information against you or your family. And as a deal, he will get a large amount of money from you in return.

5. An Emergency Situation:

There may be a chance that the unknown number calling you is not spam or fraudster or does not have any wrong intentions for you. It may be possible that the person trying to contact you to inform you of any emergency. It could be a call from the hospital or office or it could be your babysitter and if you ignore such calls, you may end up regretting it.

How To Figure Out Who Is Calling Me?

By considering all such things, it becomes very difficult for one to pick up calls from unknown calls or simply just ignore them. But technology has evolved to a greater extent. Now you can easily figure out who is trying to call you, his entire credentials, and also his location.

Best-Known Reverse Phone Lookup Tools In 2024

There are some reverse phone lookup tools you can try in 2023 and 2024 to track the caller ID and all the detailed information in real-time. They all will answer your question about who is calling me.

Some of the tools are discussed below:

1. Truecaller:

This tool is used by a vast number of people to identify the true callers and categorize them as spammers or any of your acquaintances.

Besides identifying unknown incoming calls, TrueCaller also gives warnings against unwanted calls via a community-based spam list.

Truecaller is a spy-detector tool that lets you know the contact details of the targeted person before picking up any unknown call.

It can detect phone numbers on the basis of fraud, scams, and robocalls. When an unknown call arrives, it displays the name of the caller in the form of a popup as long as the phone is stored in its database.

It will give information including phone numbers, email or physical addresses, and the names of the people associated with the relevant individual or address.

Also, it will get you notified when someone views your profile. It automatically blocks spam calls without bothering the user to search for them. It is highly recommended for people who receive tons of calls in their working environment.



  • It can be used both as a calling and messaging app
  • Not 100% reliable
  • Provides instant information about the caller
  • Some important features are paid
  • It shows the caller ID for free
Automatically block unwanted calls

2. Intelius:

Intelius is the best reverse phone lookup tool that offers a high level of customer security and privacy. It assists you in figuring out who called you by matching the data in the databases gathered from reliable resources.

When the user enters any unknown number in the search bar displayed on the home page, it brings out all the required information including the caller’s ID, address, age, possible acquaintances, and also the business behind it.

It offers unlimited search options for paying customers and fetches reliable user data in seconds. It also displays the location of the user as well as the type of phone the caller is having.



  • Provides high privacy and security for users
  • Limited database as it is only available in the US
  • Provides a detailed report of the unknown caller
  • Some important features are not available for free
  • It processes the query and provides results instantly
  • Offers unlimited background search

3. Showcaller:

Unlike some other similar apps, Showcaller is the best and one of the most commonly used reverse phone number lookup websites that work offline to detect unknown callers. It lets you know the complete details of the unknown caller by simply entering the phone number of the caller.

Apart from that, Showcaller is also capable of detecting spammer or fraudulent callers and pops up the notification as the caller is spam, a telemarketer, a stalker, or anybody else.

Furthermore, this application has the feature of call recording. It can automatically record incoming or outgoing calls though this feature depends from region to region.

Showcaller shows the ID, name, photo, address, and other details of the true caller, blocking spam or other unwanted calls. It is available on Android only as of now.



  • Provides business details
  • Limited to Android only
  • Pricing is affordable and straightforward
  • Results are not always accurate
  • Provides search results instantly
  • Offers free and unlimited background search

4. Numlooker:

Numlooker is the best app to find out the ID of an unknown caller within a few seconds. It is a free reverse phone number lookup tool that assists you in deciding whether to pick up an incoming call or not.

]The tool lets you know all the details of the caller including name, ID, social platform handles, email address, residential address, and location.

It searches the background of the unknown caller manually as well as automatically. In manual search, the user has to enter the concerned phone number in the search bar to figure out the true caller whereas automatic search identifies the caller credentials as soon as you pick up the incoming call.

It also displays the details of the relatives of the caller if any and also searches for any criminal record related to him. The main advantage of this tool is the unlimited search parameters that help you to get up-to-date information about the caller.

Apart from identifying the number who called you, you can also do a public records search, a people search, or even an address lookup of the target.

It also helps you to reveal the practical details of the target like employment background, social security number, credit record, social media pages, and much more.



  • The results are often accurate
  • Not able to provide information about the occupation of the caller
  • Free reverse phone lookup service
  • Displays search results instantly
  • All features are accessible on a mobile device

5. PeopleSearchFaster:

PeopleSearchFaster is the best to offer the most straightforward way to identify “who is calling me from the unknown number” in a matter of seconds.

Whenever you enter any unknown number to find all its details, this app dives into the massive data in the databases gathered from government agencies, country, or federal level to ensure the availability of the most authentic background record.

Using this app, you can find the most reliable information about the caller like name, ID, address, location, employment history, and even the government licenses issued to him.

All the data is displayed as a whole in one place on your screen, saving you time and money. This helps you to avoid phone calls from unknown numbers like telemarketers, fraudsters, or stalkers.



  • Caller’s details are displayed instantly
  • Produces results only from publicly accessible sources
  • Search all the background records for free
  • Limited features
  • It has the most authentic database
  • All information is displayed on a single screen

6. Instant Checkmate:

It is used for providing the largest reverse phone lookup directory. It provides information about everyone including dead and alive.

Once the caller ID is identified, it blocks the caller if it is a telemarketer, a stalker, or any scammer and also provides you the feature of calling back the known phone number that you mistakenly missed.

It searches for the details like contact information and social media profiles of the caller. It provides the reverse lookup feature to search more about background records for free.

As it has a massive amount of data gathered from public records, it can easily trace any phone number that has been officially registered on public records using its powerful search engine.

In addition to its vast features, this platform also takes care of your privacy. You do not have to worry about your privacy being exposed when searching for a specific individual



  • Understandable interface
  • Its search engine is slow
  • Provides extensive details in one search
  • High subscription fee
  • Beneficial five-day period on its paid plan
  • Explains how the information can be used

7. PeopleFinders:

PeopleFinders is a platform that is used by large businesses that deal with a massive number of callers daily. It provides a detailed report on the business including company addresses, email addresses, business websites, and phone numbers.

You do not have to search for information on different websites as this tool provides you with all the necessary details and credentials related to businesses and acts as an online directory.

It has a user-friendly interface that lets you search for the caller instantly. It also offers reverse phone lookup to search for a vast background record for free.



  • You can search for information on both local and international businesses
  • Less focus on individual search
  • Extensive and authentic database
  • Don’t include social media or work history information
  • Lowest subscription prices
  • Accessible and easy to use

8. CocoFinder:

If you are looking for an in-depth search for any unknown caller and want massive and authentic data about that individual, then CocFinder is the best choice for you.

It dives into multiple databases to search for detailed reports on caller’s name, addresses, public and social media profiles, and any other criminal and employment histories registered on public records.

The platform traces the number in a few minutes without frustrating you to wait for too long. The UI interface of the app is extremely user-friendly and lets you search for your concern phone number instantly.

Furthermore, this platform is mobile-optimized as it assists you in carrying out any detailed search anytime anywhere.



  • Regularly updated databases
  • Takes too long to search for a specific record
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Limited amount of information
  • High accuracy compared to other platforms
  • In-depth information

9. TruthFinder:

This platform relies on in-depth, up-to-date, and accurate searches. It is one of the most accurate background check services that give you access to detailed public records.

It has a free reverse phone lookup service that lets you know who the popping-up phone number belongs to and what are his/her intentions.

Also, it can differentiate between whether the call is from a landline or a phone and which type of phone it is.

It is also combined with Facebook serving you with a more advanced search on an individual’s social media handles. There are some in-app purchases that help you access more extended features. It is available on Android as well as on IOS.



  • Vast search parameters
  • No option to purchase individual reports
  • Updated contact information
  • No trial period
  • Unlimited background checks
  • Social media included


It has now become a matter of seconds to find out instantly in real-time who called you from an unknown number. Be it a stalker, a telemarketer, a fraudster, a scammer, or any other old acquaintance one can easily identify those using advanced tools as discussed above.

Some of them are entirely free of cost but some need paid plans to search for detailed information. Not all of the above options are 100% perfect, but they provide you with a wide variety of options to choose from.

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