Difference Between Image Alt Text And Image Title In WordPress

Hey, do you want to use image alt text and image title, but you don’t know what is the difference between alt text and image title? Are you curious about what their roles are and how can you use them to improve the user experience that promotes the web page ranking in search engines?  

Then do not go anywhere, I got you! 

In this era, visual content gets more engagement as compared to simple and bland content. Now, 19% of search engine result pages of Google and other search engines show images. That means if you don’t use images, then you will miss the main elements that help in ranking in Google search engines.  

WordPress comes with inbuilt alt text and image title-adding options, but many beginners have no idea about the image Alt Text vs. Image tile and are confused between them. If you are an SEO beginner and want to know about the difference between Image Alt Text and Image Title and how to add them in WordPress, then this article is for you. 

So, let’s start! 

What Is The Difference Between Image Alt Text And Image Title?

What Is Image Alt Text? 

Alt text is also called alt tags and alt descriptions. It is the written text that appears when an image on a webpage fails to load on the screen of the user.  

Image alt text acts as a mandatory attribute for images in HTML, and it is the textual description of the image. 

Screen reading tools cannot read images, so when we add Alt text, it reads it to the visually impaired users and also helps to crawl the website in the top searches.   

In short, Alt text not only helps in SEO but also creates the best user experience for the readers. 

What Is The Image Title Text? 

It is used to provide additional information about the image. Image title has no main role in Search Engine Optimization.  

Image Title Text is the optional image attribute in HTML that is used to describe the objective of the image.  

This image provides additional information about the image when a reader moves their mouse cursor over the image.  

But if you are an SEO expert and want to optimize the content, then you can add Image Title text for your image.  

You just need to write a short and attractive title that complements the Image Alt text.   

1. Display: 

Image Alt Text usually does not display on the webpage and it is actually hidden in the HTML code. Online readers cannot see it unless they use a screen reader tool or if the image fails to load because of a poor internet connection or limited bandwidth.   

While the image title text is visible to everyone. You just need to hover the mouse over the image, and you will get quick information without cluttering the page. 

2. Content Priority:

Alt text is all about conveying the essential information of an image to the user if they cannot see the image. Its main focus is understanding the essential content of the page and content, like the headline or summary of the image. It’s like helping readers to retrieve the summary of the webpage.  

On the other hand, Image titles provide extra information about the image. And they are not considered as critical as the Image alt text.  

3. SEO Optimization:

Alt tags play a crucial role in SEO. Search engines like these images that have image alt text to tell readers what your image is indicating. So, as a result, search engines will crawl your website in search results more effectively.  

While title tags serve little to no purpose in Search Engine Optimization, they are not as effective as the alt text.  

4. Writing Style:

Keeping in mind the purpose of the Alt text image the content of the Image Text alt is descriptive and to the point. It is just like you are explaining the art design and giving the particular details of the art to the blind person.  

The image title can be used creatively and interestingly to clarify the image.  

5. Essential And Optional:

Alt text is mandatory and a must-have for every image, especially, if your post is about guiding and needs to have an image that is important for understanding the content of the article or post.  


Image titles are optional and not essential for the post and you can use them if you want to enhance the user experience but there will be no problem if you don’t use them.  

6. Accessibility:

According to the Web Content Accessibility Guideline is to provide an equivalent alternative for visual and auditory-impaired people. 

So, image alt text is the alternative of the auditory and visual content that helps to provide the opportunity for the propel who cannot see the image. But when we add the image with text, then with a screen reader, they can understand what’s in the picture. 

In short, alt text makes the content accessible for all people regardless of who has any visual or auditory impairment.  

Title images do not play a big part in accessibility, and these are like an extra feature to enhance the experience of the user. These make your site more friendly, especially for the people who can see it.  

7. User Experience:

Alt text also improves the user experience. Like, if a user has a weak internet connection and takes a lot of time to load a single image, instead of seeing a broken link icon, the image text alternative helps to understand what the image is directed about.  

In general, an image without a description is not helpful for anyone, unless we tell them an image purpose in the form of a caption or image text alt.  

Title Image also enhances the user experience, although they are not as essential as Image Alt text. In general, an image without any description is not helpful for anyone.

Readers usually rely on the text that tells them the purpose or message of the image. It works as additional content that makes sure that everyone understands the visual content.  

In short, both play roles in enhancing the reader experience.  

8. Image Traffic:

Alt text image also helps to move your images in the search result.  

Image alt text plays an important role in getting organic visitors to the website. 

Many well-known and reputable websites optimize the image alt text as part of their SEO strategy. This increases the blog traffic by 700% within a month and more than 1 million organic views.  

The title of the image appears in the HTML code, and anything present in the HTML code has a role in SEO.

When a search engine crawler reads the title attribute of an image, it will consider the information present in the HTML code and will crawl your web post.   

In Summary:

Alt Text  

Image Title 

It is used to describe the image for the visually impaired people  It is used to provide additional information to all readers 
It is an essential attribute   It is an optional attribute 
It is typically hidden in the HTML code and only visible to screen readers or when images fail to load  Image Title Text is readily visible to all users  
It is concise and descriptive  It is a little bit creative and relaxed  
It plays a big role in accessibility  Play a little role in accessibility 
Alternative text is more important for SEO   Title Text is not essential for the SEO 
It is used for visually and auditory impaired people   It is used to enhance the user experience 

How To Add Alt Text To An Image On WordPress  

If you want to add Alt text to your image on WordPress, I will discuss two methods that you can use for adding alt text to an image on WordPress.    

By Using A WordPress Media Library:

You can add Alt text to an Image by using a WordPress media library. So, follow the underlying steps 

  • Log into the WordPress dashboard  
  • Go to the media, then the library section located on the left side penal  
  • After landing on the media library, now click on the image in which you want to add Alt text to an image. If your desired image is not present, then you can upload it from your computer 
  • After clicking the image, you will see the alternative text field located on the right-hand side.  
  • Type the alt text into the field. 

By Using The Gutenberg Editor:

  • Log into the WordPress admin area  
  • Click on the pages option located on the navigation sidebar 
  • After landing pages area, find the post or page in which you want to add the alt text  
  • You will land on the Gutenberg page editor 
  • Now click on the three-dotted icon and click on the Show More settings option.  
  • Click on the image setting located at the right sidebar of the menu and find the Alt text box. 
  • Now type the alt text in the field, click on the update button, and save the changes.  
  • Now hit the publish button.  

How To Add Image Title On WordPress 

Here are two methods that you can use to add image titles on WordPress  

  1. By Using Gutenberg Editor  
  2. BY Using WordPress Editor

By Using Gutenberg Editor:

If you want to add the title image by using Gutenberg, then follow the underlying instructions.  

  • Open the WordPress page or post in which you want to add an image  
  • Click on the + icon to add an image block on the page  
  • Now the media library is open, and find the image you want to add to the post  
  • After clicking the image, you will see the panel on the right side  
  • In this portion, you will find the title attribute field  
  • Type the title tag under the Title attribute field.   

By Using WordPress Editor:

  • Open the post or page to which you want to add the title image on WordPress.  
  • Now click on the Add media option located at the top and add the wanted image  
  • After adding it, click on the image, and you will see the pen icon that is the edit option, Click on it.  
  • Now scroll down the page, and you will get the advanced option  
  • Add the title tag in the provided field and click on the update button at the end. 

That’s it, you have successfully added the alt text and title image on WordPress.    

Step 1 wordpress editor

Final Thoughts:  

In short, alt text is used to describe the visual elements of the image to the user who is visual images, while the title image is the actual title of the image based on primary keywords that help in search engine optimization. 

If you are an SEO learner and want to rank your content on the website, then understanding the difference between alt text and image text is essential for creating engaging, easily accessible, and well-optimized content.  

I hope this article clears up your confusion about alt text and title text of images and you can use them wisely.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Can Alt Text And Image Titles Help With SEO? 

Yes, the well-written alternative text helps to improve the SEO and make the image more accessible and discoverable in search engine results. Image titles also play a contribution in SEO as titles consist of primary keywords, but alt text is more influential than Image titles.  

How Do Alt Text And Image Titles Affect Accessibility? 

Alt text is vital for accessibility, helping people with visual impairments understand images. Image titles, while helpful, play a smaller role in accessibility. 

When Should I Use Alt Text And Image Titles? 

Use alt text for all images, especially if your web content consists of a step-by-step image guide. While image titles are optional, they can be used to provide some additional information about an image. 

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