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How Much Does A VPN Cost In 2024?

Do you want to make sure that you are getting a quality VPN service that is worth your money without overspending, then considering how much a VPN costs is critical before purchasing it.

If you want to buy a VPN, then it means you know how important it is to keep your data and privacy protected in this digital era. So in this article, I will clear up your confusion about how much does VPN costs.

Many VPN services offer both paid and free plans. In the paid subscription plan, the cost depends on the VPN service and subscription duration. 

As a beginner, it is recommended to try the free version of the good VPN services. Although their free plans are limited you will experience their services. If you are satisfied then buy their paid plan. 

Usually, quality VPNs do not mean that they are meant to be expensive. But it depends on your requirements how much is your budget and what you are willing to pay for a VPN. And mostly a free VPN is not as safe as a paid one. 

The cost of a VPN below $3 per month is considered cheap and above $6 per month is considered expensive. 

In this article, I will discuss VPN cost and the factors that influence the cost of VPN. So, stick with me till the end.

Why Is Using a Paid VPN Necessary?

In the technological era, there is a significant increase in cyber attacks with each passing day. According to Forbes News, research is conducted on 86 different countries, and it was estimated that 43% of small businesses get targeted by Cyberattacks, and the world suffered a loss of 6 trillion dollars in 2021.

These cyber-threats compel corporations and individual persons to use secure and advanced VPN solutions to protect their data. 

Keeping your essential data private in the digital world is necessary to protect yourself from cybercrime. Free VPNs do not offer additional features as in the paid VPN service. 

You can use a free VPN if you cannot afford the paid version but if your security fails to protect your sensitive data, then you will end up paying a huge price. 

If you run an online business then for your business security, keep your essential data protected by using the best VPN services

What to Consider Before Choosing the VPN? 

The main focus of the VPN is the privacy protection. When you consider using the VPN in the future then focus on other factors along with pricing.

In this way, you will get the most affordable VPN service plan. So the wise step is to set your budget and look for the required features with that budget. 


If you want to protect the privacy of your family members or your company employees, then you need to look for VPN services that offer multiple device connections

You cannot estimate the quality of VPN security services only with the help of costs. Because many expensive VPN providers do not offer quality security services as the cheaper VPN service providers do. 

So rather than solely focusing on the cost of a VPN, compare other features like 

  • The Number Of Servers 
  • Quality Of The Encryption 
  • Kill Switch 
  • Streaming And Torrenting capabilities
  • IP Addresses 
  • Security and Privacy
  • Protocol Type, 
  • And Many More 

Additional Features: 

When you consider buying a VPN service, then not only look for the cost of the VPN services but also consider the features they are offering within that budget. Like 

Number of devices, like how many smartphones, computers, and tablets can be connected with one VPN service 

1. Number Of Server Switches: 

This means how many times you can change the location of a connected server within a specified time.

2. Data Limit: 

It means how much data can you use per day, week, or month. If you want to use a VPN for entertainment purposes, then you need a VPN service with no data restriction. So look for a VPN service that offers an ample amount of data without restrictions.  

Also, consider the other capabilities of the servers like, 

3. The Number Of Servers:  

If you are a traveler or moved to a different place then look for the VPN server that has many servers on different geographic locations all around the world.

So you can easily choose the server that is closest to your location. The closer the server located more faster the data will travel and the speed of the VPN will be faster. And there will be no delay in data transmission

4. Speed:

Speed is the main factor for gamers, so choose the VPN that offers fast upload and download speed without little latency. In this way, your work will go smoother without any delay. 

5. Kill Switch: 

Look for a VPN service that offers a kill switch, as it helps to close the website activity in case the VPN fails to work. 

A kill switch helps to protect against data leakage like IP address leaks and adds extra security barriers that act as a safety mechanism if the VPN connection becomes lost or interrupted. 

6. Streaming And Torrenting: 

If you want to purchase a VPN for entertainment purposes, then look for a VPN that offers streaming and torrenting to view and download entertainment content respectively. 

So before buying a VPN service, check the compatibility of the VPN service with your desired streaming services like Netflix, HBO, etc. 

7. Dynamic IP Addresses: 

A VPN address that changes its location each time you connect is called a dynamic IP address. Some VPNs offer Static or dedicated, and some offer dynamic VPN addresses.  

8. Compatibility Of The Devices: 

Some VPN service providers support all devices like Windows, iPhone, Mac, and Andriod. So choose the VPN service that is compatible with your device. 

Some VPNs also support different devices while connecting with a router. In this way, all devices that are connected to a single router will be protected by the VPN. 

9. Security: 

The foremost purpose of using a VPN is to keep your data secured and private. So must consider the underlying factors

10. Encryption Method: 

Choose a VPN service that offers strong encryption, and look for the VPN service that offers AES-256 as encryption delivers your message in a secret code to the recipient,

so no one can understand it other than the recipient. In this way, your private activities are completely secure and no one can decipher your message.  

11. DNS Leaks: 

Look for the VPN services that ensure that there are no DNS leaks. During DNS leaks your internet service provider knows which websites you have visited. And they know all your browsing activity. 

12. WebRTC Leaks: 

WebRTC is an advanced technology in which web browsers communicate with each other. Look for a VPN that doesn’t leak private IP addresses. If a VPN has a WebRTC leak, then your actual IP address is revealed. 

13. Privacy Policy: 

Look for a VPN that has a clear privacy policy, and make it clear in their policies about how they will handle your data. And they collect limited information about you, like your name and payment details only. 

And they do not infiltrate your web activity and IP address which means your activity remains private from the VPN service provider.

14. Privacy Jurisdiction: 

Different countries have different privacy laws and some countries spy on their citizens and share their information. So consider the VPN servers that are not members of the surveillance alliances that spy on their citizens. 

How Much Does a VPN Cost?

When you buy a subscription, the cost of a VPN depends on the number of features and the duration of the subscription. 

If you choose the monthly plan, then the cost of the VPN service will be higher than the annual subscription plan. 

Let’s understand it with an example. If you choose a monthly subscription plan, then it means you have to pay a certain amount of money to the VPN service provider each month.

The cost of a monthly subscription plan varies and depends on the VPN service provider. 

If the cost of the VPN services is $8 per month and you buy a monthly subscription plan and use it for a year, then you will pay around $96. ($8 by 12 months)

If you buy an annual subscription plan, the average price per month of a VPN is $4 to $8 per month. The average cost is $6 per month In the annual subscription plan. And multiply this 6 dollars by 12 months, then the annual cost would be $72 per month. ($6 by 12 months)

In the annual subscription plan, you are saving $24. 

Similarly, if you choose the 2-year subscription plan, then the price becomes lower to $2 per month then the 2-year subscription cost would be $48. 

In short, the longer the subscription duration, the lower the cost of the VPN service. 

But the super important factor is to consider the preference and need for a VPN for a long duration, if your purpose is to use the VPN for a longer duration (more than 2 years), then the multi-year subscription plan is perfect for you. 

If you want to use the VPN for a few months, then it is best to choose the short subscription duration or free trial. 

In short, if you want to buy a VPN within a budget along with extensive features, then sign up for a long-term subscription at least for 2 years. In this way, the monthly cost will decrease as compared to the short-duration plan. 

General Pricing Models: 

Estimating the prices of all VPN service providers, it is estimated that generally, the cost of a good VPN starts from $4.58 per month for a multi-year subscription plan to $11 per month for a monthly subscription plan.  

Factors That Have An Impact On VPN Cost:

Many additional features come with additional costs like, 

1. Subscription Plan Duration: 

Generally, the cost of a VPN decreases with the longer subscription plan.  

And mostly VPN services look for long-term users so their monthly prices are relatively high compared to the annual plan. 

2. Number of Devices Under one VPN Subscription Plan:

Most VPNs permit you to use their VPN service on several devices without any additional costs. However, some VPN service providers add extra cost if the number of devices increases or pricing is set based on the number of devices under one subscription plan. 

Like, if one VPN service provider offers three different plans

  • The Basic Plan offers 8 device connections. 
  • Standard Plan offers 12 device connections. 
  • Premium offers 30 device connections.

3. Streaming Support:

Many VPN providers offer streaming support in their basic plan, while some do not offer it and add additional charges for this service.

4. Number Of Servers: 

Many VPN service providers offer huge server ranges, but they also have an expensive subscription plan. An expensive server offers fast servers like 10 Gbps or higher and double VPN servers etc. 

5. Speed And Performance:

The quality speed and performance of the VPN service affect the cost of the VPN service. 

6. Security And Encryption:

An expensive VPN offers high-quality security. And in this security, encryption plays the main role. Encryption keeps the data safe when it travels via a VPN service.

The more advanced the encryption, like AES-256-bit, the more secure it is. Expensive VPNs use advanced encryption that offers top-notch security but it’s worth it to keep your sensitive data safe. 

7. Privacy Policies: 

The cost of a VPN is also affected by the logging policy. This policy means that they will not keep track of whatever users do online.

But some cheaper VPNs do not follow a logging policy and track your online activities and sell that information to make money which is a great security threat. 

The trusted VPN that claims not to keep any logs often goes through expensive checks by third-party experts to prove their privacy policies.

These extra steps can make the VPN cost more, but it’s a good investment in keeping your online activities private.

How To Save Money On A VPN?

If you want to buy VPN services within a budget, then follow the underlying tips that will help you in choosing an affordable VPN service. 

1. Discount Offers Or Deals:

Holidays are the perfect season to find company deals. Try to buy a subscription plan during holidays or seasonal discounts like Black Friday or Cyber Black Friday. Check their deals and buy the appropriate one that covers your needs.

2. Annual Plan:

Sign up for a long-term subscription like an annual plan, in this way, you will have a huge discount as compared to the monthly plan. 

3. Money-back Guarantee:

If you have no budget or are confused and it is difficult for you to choose the best VPN then look for the VPN that offers a free trial or money-back guarantee.

In this way, You can check their services and if not satisfied, then cancel the subscription and get your money back.

4. Student VPN Discount:

Many VPN service providers offer special discounts for students, teachers, etc. If you are a student, then look for the student VPN discounts. 

Final Thoughts: 

Generally, the cost of a VPN is $2 per month to $13 per month. Usually, 3$ per month is cheaper while the above $6 per month is expensive. 

If you sign up for a long-term duration with a good VPN then you can save more money, moreover, you will also enjoy the advanced features with high security. 

In short, it is more reliable to use the paid version of the VPN as compared to the free version. Paid VPNs offer high security and protection that might not be available in the free VPN.

Moreover, first clear out your needs and why you want to purchase a VPN. Once you clear your requirements and preferences, then check out the VPN services that offer the desired features.

Remember, being expensive doesn’t mean that they are offering high-quality services. Many affordable VPNs offer the same quality service at low prices. But it is impossible that you will find the advanced feature in the paid VPN will also be present in the free VPN version. 

If your budget is tight and cannot afford then look for the features that are essential for you then for those features how much you are willing to pay? In this way, your money will not go in vain. 

I hope this article helps you to get an idea of how much a VPN costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can We Choose A Free VPN?

Yes, choosing a free VPN does not mean it’s bad, but actually, they are not worth it. Free VPNs offer encryption and privacy but they 

  • Have limited device usage and you cannot connect more than one device.
  • Free VPN offers Limited server access.  
  • Also, offers limited data, and you are restricted to use the limited data per month. If you use the network for downloading or streaming heavy data, then you will reach the data limit quickly. 

Are VPN Servers Free?

There is no completely free VPN version that offers high-quality service. The reliable VPN service offers a free trial option or a guarantee of money back, but none of them are completely free. 

Is A Paid VPN Better Than A Free VPN?

Although there are free and cheap VPNs available, they have limited offers like limited bandwidth and access to limited servers, etc.,

that make them unworthy as compared to the paid version as they offer advanced security protocols with unlimited bandwidth and servers. 

Moreover, in the paid version, they also offer customer support who are ready to help you in case of issues. 

Is Free VPN Safe?

Free VPNs are not considered safe. If they don’t charge their services then it probably means they are using you and you are their product. Generally, free VPNs come with user data leakage and malware. 

Free VPN mostly comes with limitations. What’s more, completely free VPNs are unreliable as they breach user data and sell them which makes them not trustworthy. 

These days, the best VPN providers offer advanced security solutions to 26% of the users on the internet worldwide. 

In short, if you are not ready to choose the long-duration subscription plan, then you have three options; 

  1. Use a free trial of a reliable VPN service. 
  2. If a VPN service is offering a money-back guarantee then take advantage of it. 
  3. Or you can use a reliable VPN service that offers a completely free VPN service. 

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