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How To Go Live On TikTok In 2024

Do you want to stream live on TikTok, but you have no idea how to do it? Or do you want to know how to go live on TikTok?

Here is a complete step-by-step guide for you to use the LIVE stream feature of TikTok plus all the useful tips and best practices for you to go live on TikTok even without a large following!

Read the article to the full to know more about the TikTok LIVE stream feature.

TikTok is indeed the fastest-growing social media platform. To benefit its users to interact with more audiences in real-time, TikTok has launched a new feature which is the LIVE STREAMING feature.

Going LIVE on TikTok enables you to interact with more audiences in real-time. It helps you to boost engagement. You can even earn money through Virtual Gifts that viewers give you as an appreciation for your content during LIVE streaming. You can use this feature to raise money for charity too.

However, going live is not a tool that is available to all content creators. To access this feature, you will have to meet certain requirements. We will discuss them later including all the tips for creating a successful livestream.

TikTok LIVE can help you bond with your audience in real-time while attracting new followers to your account. All you have to do is open the camera and start chit-chatting which we will show you how to do in this article.

What Is A Tiktok Live?

TIKTOK LIVE is a feature on the social media platform TIKTOK that allows users to stream themselves LIVE to their followers. Or we can say TikTok Lives are real-time broadcasts that people watch on the app.

They tend to be informal however most of the brands and businessmen create more structured Lives to increase engagement in the form of workout tutorials, product tutorials, or cooking shows.

Just like creating a regular TikTok video, you can use the filters, effects, and other camera options during Live. Also, it has no fixed time; you can go live whenever you want. But you have to note the most active time of your audience or peak hours to avoid later issues.

During TikTok Live, users can interact with their followers in real-time by responding to comments and taking requests.

Not only can users participate in a conversation directly with a creator, but they can also send Virtual Gifts to a creator during a LIVE video. The feature is similar to live streaming on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

TikTok Live Features:

TikTok Live includes multiple features that help users to create a well-structured and successful live stream. Some of the features include:



·         Viewer interaction During a live stream, viewers can like, comment and send virtual gifts to the broadcaster.
·         Live Q&A Viewers can ask the broadcaster questions, which the broadcaster can answer in real time.
·         Live donations Viewers can make donations to the broadcaster during the livestream.
·         Live guest The broadcaster can invite other users to join their live stream as guests.
·         Live reaction Viewers can share their reactions to the live stream with the broadcaster and other viewers using emojis.
·         Live effects The broadcaster can use various effects, such as filters, stickers, and animations to enhance their live stream.
·         Live translation The live stream can be translated into multiple languages for viewers around the world.
·         Live Collaboration Multiple users can collaborate on a live stream and share the screen.

Benefits Of Going Live On Tiktok:

Going live on TikTok offers you many advantages. Getting discovered by a large audience and boosting engagement can help you earn money that you can use for yourself as well as for charity or fundraising schemes. Some of the worth-mentioning benefits are listed below:

1. Increased Engagement With Followers:

When you go live on TikTok, your followers will receive a notification letting them know that you are streaming, which can encourage more people to tune in and interact with your content in real-time.

2. Improved Visibility:

Going live on TikTok can help to increase your visibility on the platform, as the app often promotes live streams to users in the “For You” feed.

3. Opportunity To Build A Connection With Loyal Fans:

Going live on TikTok allows you to connect with your loyal and faithful audience in a more personal and authentic way, as you can interact with them and answer their questions in real-time.

4. Ability To Share Your Talents With A Wider Audience:

Going live on TikTok allows you to share your experiences and talents with a potentially large and diverse audience.

5. Potential For Increased Revenue:

If you have a large and engaged audience on TikTok, going live can also provide an opportunity to monetize your content through sponsored live streams or donations from viewers in the form of Virtual Gifts or TikTok coins or diamonds.

What Are The Conditions For Going Live On TikTok?

To go Live on TikTok, you need to have an account with the app and ensure that you have the latest version of the app installed on your device.

Furthermore, you need to have a reliable internet connection and your device’s camera and microphone must be functioning properly. Before you go Live on TikTok you have to meet the two main requirements which are mentioned below:

1. Age:

First, you must be at least 16 years of your age which is determined by your birthdate when you initially create your TikTok profile. You can’t use the TikTok Live feature if you are less than 16 years old.

2. The Number Of Followers:

Second, you will need to have at least 1000+ followers to unlock the capability to go Live. People with few followers can try their luck to use the feature as it might happen sometimes.

How Can I Go Live On TikTok?

Once you have met the above requirements, and you are ready to go Live on TikTok, follow these simple and easy steps:

Step #1:

Open the TikTok app and tap the plus (+) icon in the bottom center of the screen to open the creation menu.

Step #2:

Look below the red record button where the recording options are. Scroll right until you find the LIVE option, and then tap it.

Step #3:

Add a title. Keep this super short! You only have about 30 characters.

Step #4:

Choose a cover photo. This can be your profile photo or you can change it to something else. Choose your topic, filters, effects, and more. You also have the option to support a nonprofit here.

Step #5:

Tap on the “GO LIVE” option. You will be asked to grant the app permission to access your camera and microphone. Grant the permission.

Step #6:

Once you have granted permission, you can start your live stream by tapping “START LIVE VIDEO”. You can add a description for your live stream, and you can also choose to enable or disable comments and gifts.

You will have a three-second countdown before your video begins. If this button does not pop up, make sure you have met all the requirements of TikTok Live. If you have, too many live streams may be occurring at the same time. Try again a few minutes later.

How Can I Go Live On TikTok Without 1000 Followers?

It is considered a major condition for you to have at least 1000 followers to get access to the TikTok Live feature. But sometimes, it is just a rumor. There is an interesting trick that let you do live streaming on TikTok without any bounds.

Here is a step-by-step procedure if you want it to a go:

Step #1:

Go to your profile and click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Step #2:

Choose Settings and Privacy.

Step #3:

Scroll down to Support and choose Report a Problem.

Step #4:

In the Topics section, go to LIVE and then choose “I can’t start a LIVE”.

Step #5:

When you are questioned, “Is your problem solved?” choose No and submit your feedback saying that in the past, you were able to access the Live feature but can’t anymore.

Hit “Send”, and you should have access to TikTok live in 24-72 hours. Most people use this trick to access the LIVE feature of TikTok without having 1000 followers.

How Can I join someone else’s Tiktok Live?

Joining someone else’s TikTok LIVE also requires that you have at least 1000 followers. To join someone else’s live video on TikTok, follow these steps:

Step #1:

Open the TikTok app and go to the “Discover page”.

Step #2:

Look for the live video you want to join and tap on it.

Step #3:

If the live video is currently active, you will see a “Join Live” button. Tap on it to join the live video.

Step #4:

If the video has already ended, you will see a “Replay” button instead of a “Join Live” button. Tap on it to join the replay of the live video.

Step #5:

If you want to interact with the creator of the live video or other viewers, you can use the chat feature by tapping “Send”.

Note: You may not be able to join a live video if it has reached its maximum number of viewers or if it is only available to a selected group of people.

Best Practices For Going Live On Tiktok:

Live streaming is the best tool to attract more audiences and engage with them as most brands do. But without proper knowledge and experience, one cannot create a successful and effective TikTok Live.

Here are some tips you should follow before going LIVE on TikTok:

1. Plan your Content:

Before going on camera to start TikTok Live, decide what you want to talk about or show during your livestream. Having a clear idea of what you want to do will help you feel more prepared and confident.

There is no need to write a script, but having a plan for what your stream is about can help you stay focused. You will be less likely to get tongue-tied or cover up an awkward silence or even more awkward dance moves.

After planning and picking a relevant topic for your TikTok Live, rehearse the lines that you will be going to say. This will help you to avoid getting stuck and nervous in front of thousands of viewers.

2. Test Your Internet Connection:

Make sure you have a stable internet connection before going live. A weak and unstable connection can cause your live stream to be choppy or disconnected.

LIVE video requires a steady internet connection because the communication is happening in real-time and it needs a consistent and reliable Internet connection to start a live stream.

So it is better to double or triple-check your Wi-Fi connection speed before the event. It will avoid interruptions to your streaming.

3. Charge Your Device:

Make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged before going live. You don’t want your device to run out of battery while you are streaming.

It will leave a false impression on your audience if your LIVE video stops in the middle before its ending time. They will assume it as if you are ignoring them. So it is a good idea to charge your device first before going LIVE on any social media platform.

4. Use Good Lighting:

Good lighting can make a huge difference in the quality of your livestream. If you are streaming in a room with poor lighting, try to use additional lighting or move to a well-lit area.

Good lighting is key to keeping viewers engaged. If you are recording the video in a dark room, it will become harder for the viewers to see what’s going on and disrupt them.

This will result in less attention and focus from the audience. So it is a good practice to consider having good lighting in place before you record.

5. Engage With Your Audience

Encourage your viewers to commit to asking questions during your live stream. Responding to their comments and interacting with them will make your livestream more engaging and fun for everyone.

Consider going LIVE as a way to build a strong relationship with your audience in the form of comments. Set your face in front of the camera and answer the questions of your audience confidently without hesitating.

6. Have Fun:

The most important tip is to have fun and be you! TikTok is all about having fun and sharing your personality with others, so don’t be afraid to show your true self on your live stream.

Having fun means doing some chit-chat while cooking, or talk funny, expressing your happiness, doing some dancing, or something else which shows your energetic personality to viewers due to which, they will take much interest in your live streaming.

7. Collaborate With Friends:

On TikTok Live, try to collaborate with friends who have a large following. It will help you to potentially reach a wider audience and gain more views on their live broadcasts.

Friends can help you to promote the live broadcast to their followers, which can lead to an increase in overall engagement and viewership of the broadcast.

This feature will help you to distribute the workload and make the process more enjoyable. It will allow you to bounce ideas off of each other and come up with creative content to share during the live broadcast.

8. Keep It Short:

Going LIVE on TikTok for hours will let the users get bored and suck off your content. They will leave the LIVE before it ends. As a result, you will lose your followers and engagement rate.

TikTok advises you to structure a 30-minute live stream. It may be easier to hold your audience’s attention for a shorter period. People have short attention spans, and a shorter livestream may be more likely to keep them engaged.

A shorter live stream may be more manageable for you to produce. It may be less stressful and take up less of your time to plan and execute a shorter live stream.

9. Find The Right Time To Go Live:

Find the time when the majority of your viewers are online and active. This will let you get more likes and comments and it will also increase more followers for you.

If you go live at a time when your audience is most active, you are more likely to receive more comments and interactions from your viewers.

This can help you build a stronger connection with your audience and also the TikTok algorithm will be more likely to show your live stream to more users. As a result, you may be able to reach a wider audience.

10. Best Camera Angle:

Before going LIVE on TikTok, make sure your camera angle is set correctly. Whether it covers your whole body or not? It will help you to improve the overall visual appeal of the content.

A well-positioned camera can help frame the subject in a way that is visually appealing and easy to follow. It enhances the sense of professionalism.

A poorly positioned camera can make a live stream look amateurish, while a well-positioned camera can give the impression that the user is a professional who knows what they are doing.

Interesting Hacks For Your Next Tiktok Live:

Are you passionate about your next TikTok LIVE?

Here are some interesting ideas for you to start a well-structured TikTok Live:

1.  A Q&A Session:

This is the best way to interact with your audience and allow them to get to know you better. You can take questions from the comments and answer them in real-time.

2.  A Cooking Or Baking Demonstration:

If you are a foodie or a food blogger, consider doing a live stream where you cook or bake something and show your viewers how to do it.

3. A Dance Or Fitness Class:

If you are a dancer or a fitness enthusiast, consider doing a live stream where you teach your audience a new dance or workout routine.

4. A Tour Of Your Home Or Workspace:

Take your viewers on a tour of your home or workspace and show them what it’s like where you live or work.

5. A Talent Show:

Show off your talents, whether it’s singing, playing an instrument, or something else. You can even invite other creators to join you for a collaborative talent show.

6. A Game Or Challenge

Play a game or take on a challenge with your audience, either on your own or with a group of friends.

7. A Discussion Or Debate:

Choose a topic that you are passionate about and invite your audience to join you for a live discussion or debate.

8.  A Live Art Or Craft Session:

Show your viewers how to create a piece of art or craft, whether it’s drawing, painting, knitting, or something else.

9. Host Interviews:

You can host interviews with other TikTok users and that is a fun way to increase your reach while providing value to your audience.

10. Put A Live-Stream Fundraiser:

Hold a livestream fundraiser which will give your audience a chance to give back. To encourage the participation of your audience, you can offer prizes or match donations. It will unite you with your followers around a meaningful cause.

Why Can’t I Go Live On Tiktok?

There might be some reasons that are the major hurdles in your way to going Live on TikTok. First, make sure you are over 16 years of your age and the second thing you have to consider is your followers count.

If you are experiencing any issues regarding TikTok Live, contact TikTok support for further assistance by following these steps:

  1. Tap the profile in the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Tap the 3-line icon in the top right of your screen.
  3. Tap on Settings and Privacy.
  4. Tap Report a Problem > Live/Payment/Rewards.
  5. Choose the topic that best describes your current issue with LIVE.
  6. Follow the steps in the app to resolve the issue.

Final Thoughts:

Going live on TikTok is a fantastic way to connect with your community, build an audience, and drive traffic to your site. The best part is that it’s very easy.

You just have to open the camera and start talking, no editing is required. You might feel shy initially, but after a couple of TikTok Lives, you will learn professionalism.

Now don’t just think about going live on TikTok, instead take the above-mentioned steps and tell the world about your daily routines through TikTok Live. Just take a breath and hit “Go Live”!

All the best!

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