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Instagram Is Not Sending SMS Code In 2024 (Expert’s Method)

Are you trying to log into your Instagram account but Instagram is not sending an SMS security code?

Or you are repeatedly requesting for Code Resend option but have not received any 6-digit code yet? Are you trying to find ways to fix this issue?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page!

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms used by a large number of people for personal as well as professional life. Instagram cares for the privacy and security of its users to a greater extent.

For this purpose, Instagram has launched many features to ensure the safety of its consumers. One of the main features is Two-factor authentication.

In Two-factor authentication, the app will prompt the user to add personal details like email address, password, or phone number. To ensure the authorization of the user, Instagram will send a security code via email or SMS to the respective phone number.

Sometimes the user will not get the SMS code or the code sent to it through email. Instagram users will complain about this issue and find ways to fix it.

There are a number of reasons behind not receiving the security code. Similarly, you can fix this problem by applying a lot of methods.

In this article, we will discuss why Instagram is not sending an SMS security code as well as all the possible steps that must be taken to resolve this issue.

Why Does Instagram Send A Verification Code?

Whenever you are trying to create a new account on Instagram, you will enter all your credentials including your email address, password, phone number, etc. Instagram will recognize you by sending a verification code through SMS or email address to ensure that it is you.

You will also experience this scenario if you have enabled the Two-factor authentication option in the account settings of your Instagram profile.

This Two-factor authentication technique helps to ensure the safety of your account and prevents it from being hacked or scammed. Whenever you log into your account from another device, Instagram will send a verification code via SMS as well as via email to find out whether it is you or someone else.

For further security, Instagram will also send you 5 or 6 backup codes that you can use if in the case one is not working.

The verification code sent from Instagram is a 6-digit code that you will receive on your device. Instagram will prompt the user to type this code in a text box to give him proper access to his IG account.

Why Instagram Is Not Sending SMS Code To Me?

If you are continuously trying to log into your Instagram account and Instagram is not sending an SMS security code, do not panic! There might be some reasons which are probably the main hurdles in the way of SMS code. First, we will discuss those reasons one by one:

1. You Are In A Low-Coverage Area:

One of the main reasons for not receiving the SMS verification code from Instagram is that you are working in a low coverage or any rural area where the Internet or SIM card service is not available. Your network bars are empty.

Your phone has to fill all the network bars, if not then your phone won’t be able to receive the SMS from Instagram consisting of a verification code.

2. You Have Entered The Wrong Phone Number:

This might happen that you have entered the wrong phone number mistakenly. The phone number you entered is not owned by you and you are waiting for the SMS verification code from Instagram on another device.

It is good to check the phone number you have entered in the login credentials section to deal with the SMS verification code issue.

3. Instagram Has Blocked Your Phone Number:

It might be possible that you are using a phone number that is banned or blocked by Instagram. As a punishment for the violation of Instagram rules and regulations, Instagram has disabled or blocked your phone number due to which your mobile phone device will not be able to receive the SMS code from Instagram.

The number prohibition applies to all further attempts to establish identity.

 4· Your IP Address Is Banned:

If in the case of a rules violation, Instagram will block your IP address. You won’t be able to receive the verification code if your device is acquiring an IP address that is disabled or blocked by Instagram.

Downloading a good VPN and using it in the future is a good idea to deal with it. You can use the VPN on all devices including Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, etc.

5. You Entered The Number Several Times:

Surprisingly, if you are consecutively typing the same phone number to get the passcode you will not receive the code. Sometimes, you get stuck and enter the same phone number multiple times which will lead to the failure of the code verification procedure.

6. Your VPN Is Banned:

You will face difficulty in getting the verification from Instagram if Instagram has banned or disabled the VPN you are using. It is good to use a strong VPN to connect to the internet.

7. Server Is Down:

Furthermore, it might be possible that the sim-card servers are down because of being overburdened or overloaded. You will not receive the verification code in this condition.

So it is good to wait for a few hours or even days to let the server back to normal condition to show you the SMS.

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What To Do If Instagram Is Not Sending SMS Codes?

Instead of getting panicked, take this situation normally. There is no problem in this world which is without a solution. So without getting worried, find ways to fix the issue of not receiving the SMS verification code from Instagram.

Read out all the methods and ways you can use if you face the condition where you are unable to receive the verification code SMS when logging into your Instagram account.

Checkout the ways mentioned below:

1. Wait For A Few Hours:

Sometimes the server is slowed down and overloaded because of the burden when dealing with multiple requests. So it is a good idea to wait for an hour or two to receive the verification code as it may take time to reach your phone.

2. Check Out Your Cellular Network Connection:

You might be operating in a low-coverage area where the network connection is poor. So it is better to first ensure a reliable and fast network connection.

If you are in a highly crowded area where the cellular connection is down because of the plenty of users using the network, you won’t be able to receive the SMS code.

So first check the cellular connection strength at the top of your home screen before complaining about not receiving the passcode yet.

3. Make Sure Your Phone Is Not Set To Flight Mode:

Sometimes you set your phone on flight mode when you are busy or traveling in a plane. When a phone is in flight mode, it won’t be able to receive any messages or calls. This feature stops the phone from communicating with the outside world.

Whenever you are facing this issue that you can’t receive the SMS verification code from Instagram, it might be possible that you set your phone to flight mode, and you will need to off this option in the notification bar of your phone.

4. Turn Off VPN On Your Phone:

When the phone is connected to a VPN to ensure a fast internet connection service, it will be very hard to trace your location.

Instagram won’t verify if you are using a VPN because the location of your device and the location of your browsing will not be the same. You will need to disable the VPN on your device to receive the verification code.

5. Make Sure You Typed The Right Phone Number:

Check for the phone number in the account settings of the phone. If you have entered the wrong phone number, you cannot receive the SMS verification code from Instagram.

It is better to use the phone number of the device that you use the most to log in in the case of using the Two-factor authentication feature.

Also, make sure that you have entered the right country code. In case you want to change your phone number, head over to your Profile > Edit Profile > Your information > Phone number.

6. Use Another Device / Phone Number:

If in the case your device is blocked, use another device to get access to your account. Or try another phone number and then check that device whose number is entered to get the verification code.

Sometimes, requesting a login from another device will be all you need to get the code.

7. Login from Web Browser:

You can use a different device to log in to your Instagram account. Open the web browser on your device and open a new tab with “Incognito Mode.

After this open your Instagram account in this tab and request for verification code. You can receive the SMS verification code now.

Try Different Verification Methods:

1. Via Email:

When the SMS verification process does not work, try other verification methods like email verification. Tap on the via email option to get the verification code.

Make sure the internet service on your device is reliable and stable so that you can easily get the verification code through email. Check the inbox after waiting for a minute or two after requesting email verification.

2. Via One-Time Verification Code:

The one-time verification is the best way to log into your Instagram account. Here are the steps to use a one-time verification method to log into your account:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. In the bottom right of your screen, tap on your profile.
  3. Tap on three horizontal lines.
  4. Go to settings.
  5. Tap on security
  6. Click Two-factor authentication.
  7. Select Additional methods.
  8. Tap Backup codes.

3. Contact Instagram Customer Support:

If you have tried all the above-mentioned methods but are still facing the same issue, then go for the Instagram Customer Support option.

The higher authorities of Instagram will do one-to-one conversations with you and deal with you to solve your issue. It is the best and easiest approach as  Instagram will try its best to support its community.

Here are the steps to contact the Instagram help center:

  1. Open the Instagram.
  2. Hit the three lines
  3. Tap on settings.
  4. Choose the Help
  5. Tap on Report a problem.

Here, address your problem and seek Instagram for help. Instagram customer support will also assist you in pasting the screenshots of your problem if in the case you cannot explain your issue. Instagram will get you back in a few hours.

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Long story short, you will face the problem of not receiving SMS verification problem mainly because of SIM card server issues, network issues, blocked number or VPN, incorrect number, etc.

But there are some steps you can go for in case you have no idea what to do. Read all the steps mentioned in the article to fix this.

We are sure it will resolve your problem of not getting the SMS verification code. Update your Instagram passwords as well as the app itself to not face any issues in the future. All the best

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