10+ Best Plugins Use For Payments In WordPress In 2024

Are you seeking the best payment plugin for WordPress to make transactions? Stripe is one of the most well-known cash processors on the planet. It enables you to take debit card transactions on your web with ease. This post will go through the top Stripe payment plugins for WooCommerce websites.

Why should you use Stripe to receive transactions on your WordPress site?
There is no simpler method for accepting debit card transactions on your WordPress site than Stripe.

Stripe is a popular transaction processor that does not need you to go through a long application procedure to open a transaction processor. They make it possible for anybody with a legal organization to take debit card transactions over the Internet. All you have to do now is sign up for a Stripe profile.

The nicest aspect is that your consumers don’t require a Stripe registration to use your service. To make a transaction, they merely need to input their debit card information on your web page.

What Is A Payment Plugin?

Practically all company sites require a transaction platform, from internet stores to company blogging and especially freelancing websites. You can quickly add a transaction gateway to your website using WordPress transaction addons to handle PayPal and debit card transactions.

You’ll be capable of offering items, services, membership programs, and more straight on your web page without depending on third parties or paying high network costs
You may use WordPress to begin collecting transactions on your web page.

Plugins Used For Payments In WordPress In 2024 (10+ Latest)

Here are some 10 latest Best Plugins for payments in WordPress in 2023 and 2024:

1. WP Simple Pay Pro:

WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay Pro allows you to take Stripe transactions on your Web page without installing a purchasing carts plugin. With a Stripe transaction icon, you may construct many transaction options.

You may add as many fields as you like to make a transaction form. It may also be used with the Simple Cost Tables plugin to generate attractive pricing pages for your site. You can add subscriber or regular revenue options to their company strategy.

2. MemberPress:


The greatest WordPress membership plugin is MemberPress. It is an excellent solution if you want to offer courses or add a selection relevant to your website.

The stripe connection for WordPress is included with MemberPress, allowing you to take debit card transactions on your website easily. All MemberPress membership levels can use their Stripe and PayPal add-ons.

3. WooCommerce:


WooCommerce is another very widely used internet platform on the planet. A WordPress plugin allows you to establish an electronic shop or market products on your current WordPress site. You may use WooCommerce to offer actual items, electronic files, memberships, and membership programs.

WooCommerce will prompt you to select money suppliers throughout the Setting Process. It will provide you with two alternatives by default: PayPal and Stripe. If you skip the setup procedure, you might download and operate the freeware Stripe for the WooCommerce extension.

4. LearnDash:


LearnDash is the most popular WordPress LMS addon. It enables you to design and offer virtual courses. With their free Stripe connection, you can effortlessly take transactions on your web page.

LearnDash includes several useful functions, including multi-tier courses, learner projects, exams, and a grade scale. You may create requirements for students, requiring them to complete one class before moving on to the next.

5. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce:


Mollie, like Stripe, is a self-contained transaction platform. Unlike Stripe, though, this platform can accept transactions from various sources, including online banking, PayPal, Apple Pay, and much more. It’s also accessible all around the globe.

This is the authorized Mollie WordPress plugin for integrating the money payment gateway with WordPress sites. Mollie only charges per purchase, with costs varying depending on the account type. VISA cards usually charge roughly €0.25 and 2.8 percent for every purchase.

6. Easy Digital Downloads:


Easy Digital Downloads is a famous eCommerce addon for specialty and commercial sites, such as those selling electronic purchases like electronic books, themes, movies, packages, stock pictures, and much more.

You may use the addon to build a coupon coding scheme for establishing discount code sites and including goods reductions to add a shopping cart to your web page.

7. Sliced Invoices:


Sliced Invoices is a WordPress invoice generation extension that enables users to create invoices and have clients pay them electronically via PayPal or offline.

This plugin will allow you to deliver invoices to customers and collect transactions from your Webpage if you’re a freelancer or a specialist who performs digital services.

8. Bitpay Checkout for WooCommerce:


Bitpay for WooCommerce is the prominent Bitcoin transaction provider’s authorized freemium Plugin for WordPress. With this addon, you may accept cryptocurrencies as a transaction option in your WooCommerce-powered internet shop.

BitPay enables you to receive Bitcoin transactions accept money in various cryptocurrencies, like USD, GBP, and others, and deposit revenues straight to your checking account.

9. Fondy:


Fondy is just like the Stripe money transfer processing platform. The system enables you to take debit card transactions and execute transactions in over 100 currencies.

Fondy also has several additional handy options, like regular transaction choices, pay by link, Pay by Facebook for Americans and UK marketplaces, and cash deposits.

10. WPForms:


WPForms is a robust type-building WordPress extension that can also be used to construct complex transaction and registration forms for online stores.

Many sites and organizations would like to acquire additional information from their consumers for sales promotions and upcoming marketing. WPForms allows you to construct checkout forms with various customization options to gather information and sometimes even build mailing lists.

Final Verdict

To sum up, accepting transactions for your WordPress website is best done with a payment plugin that puts the consumer’s requirements first.

All of the plugins discussed in this article are reliable, well-tested, and effective. The one you choose is determined by the age of your company, the company style it employs, and your expenditure.

If you’re just getting started and have a tiny income, Stripe Transactions is a good option. WP Simple Pay, on either hand, will function beautifully for you if you’re a mid-sized firm and can manage to acquire a checkout plugin.

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