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This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content – How To Turn Off

Have you ever seen this warning message “This tweet might include sensitive content” on Twitter? If you are a regular user of Twitter, then you have come around to this warning.

Have you ever wondered why Twitter shows such warnings?

If yes, then let us know you! Well. If you are considering such messages as error messages then you are wrong!

Twitter is an environment-friendly platform and considers itself responsible to shield its users from any type of illegal or vulnerable content that demolishes their moral and ethical values. That is why it warns users to view any sensitive content that includes violence, social brutality, or any other illegal or unethical act.

It is your own choice and decision to view any post that might include any sensitive content or just ignore it.

In this article, we will discuss what exactly Tweet sensitivity is, how to enable or disable sensitive content warnings on Twitter, and what will happen if we ignore the Twitter rules and post any vulgar content.

Which Content Is Considered Sensitive On Twitter?

Before proceeding to the ways to fix and disable sensitive content warning messages on Twitter, we will first discuss which content exactly comes under the radar of sensitive content.

Well, the content we post on social media is categorized and one of the categories is NSFW stated as Not Safe For Work. The content which leads to the social and moral destruction of the end users is considered sensitive.

In short, we can say it is that content that shows violence, murder in public, sexual brutality, nudity, and excessively gory content come under the umbrella of sensitive content. The residents of society and true users don’t wish to view such content as it is considered a misleading factor for society.

Especially, teenagers or kids are more affected by consuming such vulgar content as it triggers them. It is more important to save our young generation.

Some social media platforms like Instagram do not post any NSFW content and ban the accounts that violate the rules by uploading such content but Twitter allows its users to post such content with proper privacy settings. All the methods are discussed below.

Why Twitter Shows “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content” Warnings?

Whenever you come across tweets that depict illegal content in the form of violence, brutality, nudity, or unethical act, you will see these warning messages:

“This Media may Contain Sensitive Material”

This warning will be shown by media settings when you upload media that contain sensitive posts.

Similarly, when you try to tap such a profile that posts sensitive content on a regular basis, you will see a warning that says:

“This Profile may include Potentially Sensitive Content. Do you still want to view it?”

It is included in the regulations and privacy policy of Twitter to display a warning message whenever you want to view any sensitive content. There are some reasons why Twitter prompts the user to view sensitive tweets or not:

  • If a tweet contains a media file that is either disturbing imagery or vulgar video harmful to the young generation, Twitter will add a warning that states that this tweet contains violent imagery that must be upsetting for you. If you want to view it on either cost, simply tap on the ‘Click to view’ Or you can double-tap on it if it is a video.
  • Similarly, Twitter will detect explicit content or nudity, and to avoid it for end users, it will generate an error message that this is sensitive content as it includes sexual violence or nude graphics. You can double-click the tweet to view it.
  • Finally, you will see a warning message if there is a post or tweet that contains sensitive media.

How Can I See Sensitive Content On Twitter?

There are times when users want to view the content as they do not consider it sensitive themselves. Or there is an adult who wishes to view the tweet that is prohibited for kids.

To get rid of the warning option, you first need to disable it. This action will be performed only on the web version and not on the phone or iPhone.

If you want to disable the sensitive content warnings, you have to make some changes to the settings and privacy options.

The steps involved are very easy and they will let you view the content without seeing any warning message.

To get rid of the warning and see the sensitive content, you first need to check the “Display media that may contain sensitive content” option on Twitter.

Follow these steps to find the option:

  1. Head to the Twitter website
  2. Click the “More” button on the left side of the screen which is represented by three dots in the circle.
  3. Next, select the “Settings and Privacy” option from the pop-up menu.
  4. Choose “Privacy and Safety” from the list of options on the left of the screen.
  5. Now select “Content you see”
  6. Near the top of the screen, check the box next to the “Display Media that may contain sensitive content” to disable the warning for tweets.

How To Turn Off “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content” On Twitter?

You can turn off the warning message feature only on the web version of Twitter. It is not available on the mobile app or the IOS.

This means if you are using the Twitter app on your mobile phone, you won’t be able to see the “This tweet might include sensitive content” setting as it is not on there.

If you are using the app on the phone, you can turn this feature off only on the web version of Twitter by using a mobile browser.

Below is the step-by-step guide to turning off the “This tweet might contain sensitive content” warning message for web, android, and IOS versions:

For The Web Version Of Twitter:

To turn off the warning options, follow these steps:

1. Go To Your Twitter Account:

Head over to your Twitter account through the web browser either a desktop web browser or be it a mobile web browser.

Famous browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. can be used. But ensure that you are not using a Twitter application on your phone.

Now log in to your account which will ask for your details like username, email address, password, or phone number.

2. Go To Settings And Privacy:

After logging into Twitter, you will see your profile icon on the top-right side of your screen.

Tap the icon and it will display a menu of different options.

Now choose the “Settings and Privacy” option where you will find everything regarding privacy and security.

3. Click On Privacy And Safety:

Once you have clicked the settings option, a vast list of options will be displayed to you including your account access, account privacy, Privacy and Security, and many more.

Tap on the “Privacy and Security” option to search for the relevant thing.

4. Tap On The “Content You See” Option:

After clicking on the privacy and safety option, you will see different options including learning more about Twitter privacy, data sharing, Twitter activity, and many more.

Head over to the “Twitter Activity” option to see the “Content you see” option.

Tap on this option to hide the “this tweet might contain sensitive content” option based on your preferences.

5. Choose the Sensitive Content Option:

Now find the “Media may contain Sensitive Content” option.

Uncheck the box next to it, which means that you will not see any sensitive media on your Twitter timeline.

The box that remains ticked or checked means that you will be able to view sensitive tweets or media.

For Twitter Mobile App:

Removing this option is similar to the removal of the web version of Twitter. The steps are:

1. Open The Twitter App And Log In To Your Account:

Instead of using a mobile browser to open the web version of the Twitter app, just open the official Twitter application on your mobile.

Type the right credentials and quickly log in to your account.

2. Head Over To “Settings And Privacy”:

When you have logged into your Twitter account on the application, you will see the home page.

At the top-left corner, tap the Profile icon which will take you to Settings and Privacy.

Click on Settings and Privacy to access your Twitter Account settings.

3. Tap On Privacy And Safety:

In the settings options, you will see a list of different options.

Tap on Privacy and Safety and you will get access to all the settings related to Safety and Privacy.

4. Click On The Content You See Option:

Once you have landed on the Privacy and safety settings, find and tap on the “Content You See” option.

5. Switch Off The Sensitive Content Setting:

You will have to disable the “Media may contain sensitive content option” to get rid of the warning messages.

Now you can view all the sensitive tweets on Twitter without any warning.

How To Mark Individual Tweets That Contain Sensitive Media?

Whenever you are posting any tweet that contains any sensitive content, you must have to mark it as sensitive media. This option is now available for web versions as well as on Android and IOS.

To show the warning message on your own posted content, follow these steps:

  • While editing your sensitive photo or video to attach it to the tweet, you will see a flag icon.
  • Tap on this flag icon.
  • You can also control your preferences for how and when you see sensitive content in your media settings.

What If I Post Sensitive Content Without Changing My Media Settings?

In the case you have posted sensitive content without marking it as sensitive media through media settings, it will be detected by Twitter and will be sent for review.

Twitter finds that the media is uploaded without being marked:

  • Twitter may label it as potentially sensitive content or if it is a live video, remove it permanently.
  • Twitter also changes your account setting to Mark the media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive so that future posts will be marked accordingly.

If the user posts the sensitive content repeatedly without being marked:

  • Twitter will again label it as potentially sensitive content.
  • Or more strictly, Twitter will change the account settings to Mark the media you tweet as containing material that may be sensitive to all future posts so that all the upcoming posts will be marked even if they are not sensitive.

Final Verdict:

The content you post on Twitter can be classified as sensitive if it contains any vulgar stuff and should be marked first before uploading.

To see the sensitive content, you will need to choose the “Display media that may include sensitive content” checkbox under the “Material you see” setting.

Furthermore, it can remove or disable the “This tweet might include sensitive content” warning before you view the content.

There will be strict actions taken by Twitter if you violate the rules by uploading sensitive content without being marked as sensitive.

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