15 Best Video WordPress Themes for YouTubers in 2024

Are you looking for the best video WordPress themes for YouTubers that turn your vlogging journey into a business or do you want to share your vlogging passion with the world?

Do you want to use WordPress to expand your monetization opportunities beyond YouTube?

Then this article is written for you!

There are more than thousands of video WordPress themes for YouTubers available on the market, and it is a pretty daunting task to find the right video WordPress theme for YouTubers.

Relying solely on YouTube is not a good option because it is a platform that can change its policies and algorithm, so it is the best decision to use a website as a backup option.

No doubt, YouTube is a great place for uploading videos, if you want to customize your vlogs or videos and monetize them, then it is not considered ideal to only focus on this platform.

Using a video WordPress theme is perfect for you to make your personalized website without changing the essence of your video.

Now I will discuss the best video WordPress themes for YouTubers and discuss their functionality and features you should consider that make your website stand out and also help you make huge bucks.

So, without wasting your time, let’s start!

WordPress Themes For YouTubers: What To Consider Before Choosing? 

As a YouTuber or vlogger, if you want to run a website, then you have to consider your style that reflects in your theme, your website color theme, gallery options, and the nature of the business.

You also have to consider how you want to display your content before the audience which includes your website sidebar, video player support, custom widgets, and video effects.

Now I will discuss some important factors that you have to consider before choosing the best WordPress themes for YouTubers and vloggers.

1. Responsive Theme:

According to the research, 90 percent of the traffic comes from the mobile phone which means 9 out of 10 traffic on the Internet comes from the mobile phone and people usually use different browsers and devices to search on the Internet.

As you know, the theme for vlogging is bringing video-related content, and that needs to be smooth and responsive to give the audience the best experience. So, make sure your chosen theme can smoothly run on different devices like mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and web browsers.

2. Customizable Theme:

Although there are thousands of video-related themes, maybe your chosen theme does not reflect your content style.

So, it is important to choose a theme that has customization options so you can easily tailor different elements like layout design, color scheme, and many more to make it a more personalized theme.

3. Business Types: 

Your business also determines the website theme, like if you are sharing video content with your viewers or audience and you want them to show engagement and give feedback on your videos.

Or you want to share your video content with the exclusive members only who support you in the form of money, or you are selling online courses and those who pay you will get video access.

So for this, first determine your business type and keep in mind your business requirements. It will help you in choosing WordPress themes that align with your business type.

4. Integrated Features: 

Choose a video theme that offers features like a gallery option where you can showcase your videos in an organized and attractive way. As a YouTuber, you also need to integrate videos from your YouTube channel into your website.

Video commenting and sharing option, exclusive videos for the paid members only. You also need features like a full screen so the audience can enjoy your content.

So considering these features is critical because these features make your website more engaging and attractive.

Best WordPress Themes For YouTubers & Vloggers in 2024:

Here I will mention the 15 best video WordPress themes for YouTubers and vloggers in 2023 and 2024. You can choose it according to your requirements and budget.

  1. Inspiro Pro
  2. Astra
  3. Divi
  4. Betube
  5. Pile 
  6. Dixie
  7. Event 
  8. Satchmo
  9. VideoBox
  10. Vlog
  11. Video zoom 
  12. Neve
  13. VideoPro
  14. Silver Screen 
  15. Surround 

1. Inspiro Pro:

Inspiro Pro-WordPress Themes For YouTubers

A professional, lightweight photo and video-focused with a modern design that effortlessly embeds videos anywhere on the website. This theme is highly compatible with different page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

With Inspiro Pro, you can seamlessly embed video from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Even if you want to self-host your videos, then you can upload your videos directly on the website.

It offers different features for YouTube and videographers, like a slideshow where you can show multiple videos in a sequence, a Lightbox in which you can display videos in a pop-up window, and a Video background where your video is playing in the background of the website.

Inpiro Pro uses built-in fonts that maintain the website loading speed instead of Google fonts which can slow down the loading speed of the website.

It is one of the best video WordPress themes for YouTubers and vloggers.


  • Ready to import starter sites
  • Responsive design
  • Fullscreen Slideshow
  • Diverse Customization options
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Slideshow with video background
  • Video Integration

Why Choose This Theme?

Inspire Pro is the best WordPress theme for YouTubers and videographers who want to show off great photography and videos, and it’s like your personal video and photos library on the website.

2. Astra:

astra-WordPress themes For YouTubers

Astra is one of the best, top-rated, and fastest-loading WordPress themes for YouTubers with more than 2 million active installations that offer customizable themes and turn the starter template into your desired theme.

It is one of the most popular themes that have the most well-known clients all over the world, like Stanford University, NASA Google, and so on.

It also offers an amazing and largest library of pre-built themes where templates for vloggers are also present and within a single click, install the theme and import your YouTube videos onto the website.

The other amazing factor is its high compatibility with different page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, woo WooCommerce, Yoast, etc.


  • Superfast speed
  • Best for page builders
  • Easy customization
  • Fully compatible with leading page builders
  • Support video, audio, and images

Why Choose This Theme?

Astra is well-known and reputable for its performance and reasonable pricing. If you are also looking for the best WordPress themes for YouTubers with quality performance, then it is perfect for you.

3. Divi:


One of the most popular WordPress themes for YouTubers, it offers 200+ different templates for its website-building tool called Divi Builder.

These 200+ templates are for Home pages and other pages like the About page and Contact Us page. Their premade theme gives you different customization options and you can build a perfect theme for the video website.

Divi has some extra features like Monarch that offer a special button that you can add to your website. This button serves as a sharing of your video content on different social media platforms.

Moreover, if you are running a business, then Divi also offers a feature called Bloom, where you can collect people’s email addresses; and you can keep track of your target audience’s email addresses.


  • High speed
  • Easy and flexible customization options
  • Highly compatible with drag-and-drop page builder plugins
  • Visual Editing
  • Responsive theme

Why Choose This Theme?

It is not only easy to use for beginners, but also its advanced design system makes it perfect for professionals.

4. Betube:

betube-WordPress Themes For YouTubers

Betube is specially designed for video blogs, video websites, and video portals, and it has more than 8 thousand buyers globally.

It provides the best framework that performs well on different devices and easily resizes itself according to the device size like; mobile, laptop computer, etc.

With the help of Betube, you can easily embed the video from 20+ different platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

Moreover, if you want to share your custom videos of yourself on a website, then use a WordPress built-in app video player or FV Flowplayer.

Not only this, but Betube also gives you perfectly optimized other pages (inner pages) like the About and Contact Us pages.


  • Theme color options
  • Built-in video widget
  • Self-hosted videos
  • 100% Responsive theme
  • Video Skip Ads
  • Compatible with automatic plugins for posting videos from a YouTube channel

Why Choose This Theme?

If you want your homepage and inner page to be exciting and compel the viewer to click on your video, then this theme is perfect for you, as the Betube theme provides different homepage options.

Moreover, they also provide YouTube video tutorials that help to understand the theme.

5. Pile:

Pile-WordPress Themes For YouTubers

The pile is perfect for you if you want your website to look creative and unique. This website is also integrated with popular plugins like Commerce to sell your products and services digitally.

As this website is for visuals, it offers deliberately designed elements to create a polished and eye-catching appearance. Like parallax scrolling to move the different pages at different speeds and unique transitions in which different elements move or change when your audience interacts with them.

With the help of Pile, you can display your portfolio, whether it is in images or video, and can even embed your YouTube videos.

Moreover, they also offer multilingual plugins that can easily convey your content to a diverse audience.

This theme claims that when you are using this theme, you do not need to buy any additional premium plugins to make it functional as it showcased itself in a demo.


  • Dedicated support team
  • Mobile responsive
  • Unique page builder
  • Integrated with commerce

Why Choose This Theme?

If you want to create a website for a video portfolio, then this theme is perfect for you.

6. Dixie:

Dixie-WordPress Themes For YouTubers

SecondLineTheme designed the latest theme, the Dixie which supports the latest version of WordPress and is deliberately designed for podcast owners that is packed with different podcast features.

It is compatible with various podcasting plugins like PowerPress and SeriouslySimplePodcasting and helps users host and share their videos on their websites or other platforms.

With the help of Dixie, you can use different types of audio files and host your show on your website or on different platforms like YouTube, MixCloud, SoundCloud Libsyn, etc. You can also embed your audio files on your website which gives you more control.

You will get a plugin that can easily import your video from YouTube to your website, and when you choose the YouTube video, it will automatically show on your website.


  • Easy customization
  • Optimized for podcasting
  • Dedicated support team
  • Episode slider
  • Support e-commerce plugins and websites

Why Choose This Theme?

If you are a podcaster and want to display your podcast to your audience, then this theme is perfect for you. This theme is also for portfolio and general blogging.

7. Event:


This theme is bold, responsive, and fluid that is specially built for music events and entertainment sites. This theme is cutting edge beautiful colors to make your website super perfect for different events.

It usually comes with three types of custom posts: Event posts, Gallery posts, and Video posts.

The event post is great for displaying your events like concerts, festivals, etc., a gallery post in which you can display your photos of your events and a video post to share videos of the events like recorded performances, interviews, etc.

Moreover, they also offer different features like parallax scrolling and animations that create 3D effects and are animated to make it attractive as you scroll your pages.


  • 100% Fluid with Retina display
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Demo import
  • Customizable panel
  • Auto updates of themes
  • Compatible with commerce
  • Compatible with the latest WordPress version

Why Choose This Theme?

If you post videos on YouTube related to different events, then this theme is perfect for you. Moreover, this theme works well for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and bands.

8. Satchmo:


SecondLineTheme Design is the latest podcasting theme that is a great website for podcasters. A premium video theme that has black, white, and red colors as a contrast makes this theme more appealing and perfect for videos.

Satchmo gives you the flexibility in choosing the audio type, and you can use files that you hosted on your website as well as on other platforms like YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Mixcloud.

You can choose the most suitable method and can easily share your podcast video with your audience. It supports multiple procrastinating plugins like PowerPress, Seriously Simple Podcasting, and Simple Podcast Press.

This theme supports Elementor which is one of the fastest open-source page builders. With this theme, you can easily share your videos on different social media platforms. And you can easily add a share button within your podcast videos.


  • Optimized for podcasting
  • 5 Star Customer support
  • Compatible with podcasting plugins
  • Embedded media support
  • Multiple page style

Why Choose This Theme?

If you are a blogger or podcaster, then this theme is built for you because it is an elegant and powerful theme that can easily handle the heavy workforce, and you can easily focus on podcasting and interacting with your audience.

9. VideoBox:


VideoBox is a trusted and one of the best WordPress themes for YouTubers that is used by more than 150k users all around the world. This theme is specifically designed for displaying videos and audio.

Videobox is also ideal for podcasting websites and you can show and share your videos to the audience. Your videos will be arranged in two columns that help to share more video posts at once.

It also updated its image size to a square-shaped image size, and your videos will be in square frames that make your videos more interesting.

Moreover, you can also add buttons that are directly linked to your social media channels make it easier for your audience to find you on social media.


  • Customizable
  • Support video websites like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • Responsive and retina-ready
  • Great customer service
  • Support multilingual

Why Choose This Theme?

This time they claim that you will be happy to use their theme, For this they are offering a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can use it for 14 days without any risk.

10. Vlog:


Vlog is a beautifully designed theme that has high ratings and good customer reviews. It is highly customizable as it offers flexibility in theme design.

It also supports different plugins like Woo-commerce which is quite important for Youtubers who want to monetize their content on the website.

If you want to diversify your video posts, then with a Vlog theme, you can exchange your embedded videos with audio.

Vlog supports plugin video importers that import videos from YouTube and Vimeo. And you can directly transfer your videos from YouTube and Vimeo to your website.

Moreover, you can also create a playlist of your videos on your website, and visitors can save their favorite videos or watch them later.

With this theme, you can easily set the featured images of your video or video thumbnail.


  • YouTube and Vimeo support
  • Distraction-free cinema mode
  • Sticky videos
  • Speed optimization
  • Compatible with various plugins like Commerce, Yoast, WPforms, Mailchimp, Jetpack, and many more.

Why Choose This Theme?

If you want to monetize your website, then you can easily place a banner ad on your website and earn revenue. Moreover, they have more than 5.5k satisfied customers who are using their service which makes it worthy of use.

11. Video Zoom:


It is one of the most powerful and specially designed video websites that support video sharing, video hosting, and video embedding services.

It has a video slideshow, through which you can display your content from all across the web. This theme also gives you options for dark and light themes.

It is highly compatible with different plugins like Beaver Builder, SeedProd, etc.

Videozoom offers advanced theme panel options that can easily be customized according to your website requirements.

With this theme, you don’t need to design a thumbnail for your video post because when you embed the video from YouTube and Vimeo, this theme will automatically generate the thumbnail for you.


  • Easy video embed
  • Automatic video thumbnail
  • Video slider
  • Responsive design
  • Dark and light theme
  • Mobile friendly theme

Why Choose This Theme?

As a Youtuber, if you want a theme that can easily embed videos from external websites like YouTube and Vimeo and other platforms to your website and you can host the website yourself, then this theme is perfect for you.

12. Neve:


Themeisle (a company that built premium and elite WP themes and plugins) builds super fast and easily customizable multi-purpose themes that work for different purposes of websites like portfolios, blogging, businesses, agencies, startups, and e-commerce shops.

It works with popular page builders like Elementor Beaver Builder, Divi, Siteorigin, and Brizy.

This theme is trusted by more than 300k satisfied users and there are more than 100k active installations of this theme.

It is super lightweight as small as 28 KB, without compromising the flexibility of the website.

If your videos have a local language, then you can easily translate them into different languages to get high traffic.


  • Responsive theme
  • Light weighted
  • Highly SEO-optimized theme
  • Super-fast performance
  • Custom layout options
  • Full responsive design

Why Choose This Theme?

Neve offers different designs for Video blogs and Video agencies that make it an ideal theme for small businesses and online stores that want to earn revenue. Moreover, this theme is available without any cost.

13. VideoPro:


Video Pro is the most responsive theme for video-based websites which can help you to create your personalized video website. It can be a gaming, movie, entertainment, or technology-related website.

Video Pro has many premium-quality features like playlists, channels, live broadcasts, etc. It also has a membership plugin by WPMU integration for subscription and membership. In VideoPro, you can search and watch videos just like in the YouTube app.

This theme also offers regular updates that fix the bugs.

Video Pro also imports videos from YouTube and Vimeo as it supports plugins like WordPress YouTube Import and Automatic plugins.

With Video Pro, your audience can filter videos according to different categories, add videos to the Watch Later list, and watch your videos while browsing other content. In short, this theme is enriched with different features that make it worthy of buying. 


  • Advertisement option
  • Customization options
  • Floating player option
  • Create a video playlist and video channel
  • Upload your content on different servers
  • Amazing customer support

Why Choose This Theme?

In short, you will get all the features that are present in the YouTube app that make it ideal for you as a YouTuber.

14. Silver Screen:

Silver Screen

As the name indicates, this theme is amazing for the professional who wants to make impactful video-related websites like movie or film production companies, filmmakers, movies, and even vloggers.

It is beginner-friendly, and you don’t need to learn code for using this theme.

If you create short movies and want to dazzle the audience with attractive presentations, through this theme, you can showcase your movie projects to your audience.

The Silver Screen has a plugin called OCDI, a one-click demo import, you can import your videos and different content to your WordPress site.

It is compatible with various plugins like WPML, WP Bakery Page Builder, and WooCommerce which makes it ideal for professionals and businesses.


  • Responsive layout and retina-ready
  • Social icon widgets
  • Video and image background in sections.
  • Compatible with different browsers
  • Movie trailer homepage
  • Video portfolio for actors

Why Choose This Theme?

As a YouTuber, if you are an actor or director and make short movies or you are a part of the filmmaking community, then this theme is perfect for you.

15. Surround:


Surround is one of the most powerful and best WordPress themes that work well for vloggers, and they narrow down the niches and work well with six different niches.

It is mainly focused on video blogging, magazine websites, travel or personal blogging video tutorials, etc.

It is highly compatible with different plugins like WooCommerce, Gutenberg, Jetpack, WPML, Contact Form 7, Yoast, MailChimp, and Gravity Forms. With this theme, you can monetize your website and earn revenue.

You will get the ready-made design with a few touch-ups, and you can start posting your videos and growing your audience.


  • Cross-browser theme
  • Excellent customer support
  • Floating video popup
  • Variety of post page layouts
  • Newsletter subscription forms
  • Shop pages
  • Drag and drop page builder

Why Choose This Theme?

Vlogging is one of the most trending ways of earning money. If you are also a general vlogger or travel vlogger on YouTube, then this theme works best for you.

So instead of using different platforms for vlogging you can do this on WordPress with the help of Surround.

Final Words: 

If you are a YouTuber, blogger, professional, or videographer and want to increase your reach, the above-mentioned video themes are best for you. These themes also offer extensive features that enhance the interaction with the potential audience and also increase the monetization opportunities.

You can start affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and even sell merchandise. Not only this, but with the video theme you can become more professional and polished to display, and showcase your content in an organized manner. You can also make your brand and logo and start your business.

I hope, in this article, you will find your best WordPress themes for YouTubers!

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